Terms and Conditions

Fees for publicly funded cases with prior authority granted by the Legal Aid Agency (LAA) are charged at current LAA rates for Expert Witness Psychologists. For other cases, my fees are £115 per hour or pro rata.

Travelling time for all cases is calculated at £40 per hour or pro rata, with mileage charged at 45 pence per mile, at current LAA rates.

Payment is required with 60 days from receipt of my invoice and report, unless otherwise agreed in advance. Late payments may also incur additional late interest fee payments in accordance with current legislation.

Court attendance (unless otherwise agreed) is charged at £350.00 per half day attendance and £600.00 per full day attendance, excluding travel costs, as stated above, and case preparation.

Non attendance or appointments cancelled with less than 72 hours notice are charged for the preparation work already incurred. Non attendance or appointments cancelled with less than 24 hours notice, are charged for the  preparation time already incurred, specified travelling time and the allocated time for the assessment.